Timur Turlov: “We Serve More Than 5 Million Clients Within the Freedom Holding Corp. Ecosystem”

Timur Turlov, CEO and founder of Freedom Holding Corp., spoke at the XIV LD Micro Invitational conference in New York last week where he noted the company’s current results and discussed the company’s business model including Freedom’s diversified ecosystem of financial and ancillary services.

Over the past number of years, Freedom Holding Corp. has acquired several companies in Kazakhstan, where they are headquartered, as well as in the United States.

But this, in itself, does not make a company successful.

According to Turlov, the key to a successful acquisition is in preserving the existing management team and creating an environment for the harmonious integration of these teams with Freedom as the new owner.

As a result of an updated business model aimed at partnership, Freedom Holding Corp. significantly changed the revenue structure. Three years later, the company, whose core business was retail stock brokerage, is successfully diversifying its revenue streams and now makes less than half its revenue from the brokerage business.

According to him, Kazakhstan is an excellent platform for the continued development of service offerings and the expansion of its digital business lines.

Over the course of several years, his company has invested more than $100 million in the development of the ecosystem of services, creating an insurance company, acquiring a travel booking service, and issuing bonds to create its own telecom company.

Freedom Holding also acquired LD Micro a US based micro and small-cap investor conference organization and index.

Speaking about the company’s plans, Timur Turlov expressed hope that Freedom Holding Corp. would one day replicate the success it is having in the delivery of digital products and services in Kazakhstan, in other markets such as the US and Europe.

According to Turlov, in the European Union, FRHC currently serves about 250,000 clients on its Tradernet platform, which provides access to trading on EU and US exchanges. However, for a more global expansion of Freedom Holding, much more time and effort is required.

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