Tax subcommittee hearing: Germany’s tax policy under the spotlight

Tax subcommittee hearing: Germany’s tax policy under the spotlight

FISC Subcommittee — Public Hearing on ’ Case studies on member states national tax policies — Germany: implemented national tax reforms and the combat against aggressive tax schemes ’

MEPs continued their series of hearings of national representatives regarding their country’s tax policy, this time focusing on Germany.

The meeting, organised on Tuesday by the EP’s subcommittee on tax matters heard from Daniel Fehling from Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance, Reinald Koch, Professor on taxation at the University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, and Bettina Rodenberg, Henkel’s Head of Global Tax and Trade. It follows similar meetings which focussed on the tax policy of the Netherlands, another on Ireland and a third on Luxembourg.

During the hearing, the guests outlined Germany’s efforts over the years to fight aggressive tax planning while keeping a competitive tax environment and discussed what should be paid attention to during the upcoming shifts in taxation at the international level.

Among other things, Members sought details on potential profit shifting trends of German multinational corporations, and how Germany was planning to position itself on the EU and international tax negotiations.


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