Would I lie to you...?

Would I lie to you...?

As the magazine reports that is an eight percentage points increase on the result of the company’s last such report published in 2021. The Edelman’s Annual Trust Report for this year also found that trust in the media had fallen across the world with concern about fake news at an all-time high.

To me this is sightly out of line with the fact that the Edelman survey found that Australia and the US reported some of the biggest drops in media trust. That over 76 percent of people globally said they were concerned that false information and fake news could be used as a weapon reflects what I have been saying repeatedly.

In Europe the figures are startlingly dramatic. In Spain 84 percent of people expressed concern about fake news. The figure in the UK was 65 percent and in the Netherlands 63 percent were worried about misinformation and disinformation.

Trust in social media has dropped eight percentage points to only 37 percent saying they trust it. Again, taking the figures as reported by UK Press Gazette, traditional media is least trusted in Russia (39%), Japan (39%), and the US (43%).

Wilde was commenting on the situation in the UK but today his remarks are, apparently, global. As I have said many times democracy is facing defeat. Aristotle predicted that it would not work because the common people had too little understanding of the issues. He could not have foreseen the situation as it appears today. If he were able to comment now he might say "I told you so!"

I am certainly saying that.

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