Ukraine: two-day Cyber Communications Workshop for public sector communicators

Ukraine: two-day Cyber Communications Workshop for public sector communicators

Cyber Communications Workshop is aimed at improving the professional skills of public sector communicators. More than 50 representatives of Ukraine’s cybersecurity entities, ministries, government agencies, and critical infrastructure facilities took part in the offline event. More than 100 representatives of the press services of regional military administrations, city administrations and communities from all regions of Ukraine also joined the exercise.

The event featured lectures and workshops with practical exercises by representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Center for Combating Disinformation, the Molfar OSINT community, the Perfect PR communications agency, the Ukrainian Catholic University, AIN media, and the 10 Guards cybersecurity company. Among the main topics:

  • cyber hygiene and communication of cyber incidents;
  • fact-checking and countering disinformation: learning how to verify the accuracy of information and protect against the spread of fake news
  • the pillars of reputation and crisis communications during the war – operational approaches for communicators;
  • principles of human communication;
  • how to build cooperation with the media to make it as effective as possible.


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