Increased spread of disinformation directed towards Sweden

Increased spread of disinformation directed towards Sweden

Minister för civilt försvar Carl-Oskar Bohlin och Mikael Östlund, kommunikationschef på Myndigheten för psykologiskt försvar.

Today, Wednesday 26 July, Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin held a press briefing on recent influence campaigns against Sweden. Mikael Östlund, Head of Communications at the Psychological Defence Agency (MPF), also took part.

Recent events such as the burning of copies of holy scriptures coincide with a more difficult security situation. The desecration of copies of the Quran has upset many people. There have been strong reactions against Sweden from individuals and networks in other countries, and representatives of several Arabic-speaking and Muslim countries. Certain actors outside Sweden are spreading and perpetuating false claims that the Swedish State is behind the desecration of copies of holy scriptures.

The MPF has been able to conclude that Sweden has been a target for Islamist information influence activities for some time. The influence campaign directed against Swedish social services that began in late 2021 was – and is – the most extensive campaign of this kind against Sweden. In times of increased spread of disinformation, it is essential to safeguard Sweden’s open and democratic society, free formation of opinion, and Sweden’s freedom and independence.

“There is a risk that the current disinformation campaigns against Sweden could jeopardise the situation of Swedish citizens and companies abroad, and pose a threat to national security. In light of this, the Government wishes to clarify that we all have a responsibility to not spread information and messages that are clearly incorrect,” says Mr Bohlin.

The Government urges everyone to be vigilant against rumours and disinformation, to obtain verified information from authorities and to fact-check before sharing information on social media.


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