MEPs urge Kyrgyz authorities to end the pressure on national media

MEPs urge Kyrgyz authorities to end the pressure on national media

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in Kyrgyzstan.

Following an alarming deterioration in democratic standards and human rights in Kyrgyzstan, previously regarded as the most democratic of the Central Asian nations, MEPs call on the Kyrgyz authorities to respect and uphold fundamental freedoms, in particular those related to media and expression.

They urge the Kyrgyz authorities to withdraw and review a number of laws that are inconsistent with the country’s international commitments. This includes the controversial law on “false information” as well as the draft laws on “foreign representatives”, “mass media” and “protecting children from harmful information”, the so-called “LGBTI propaganda law”. The resolution notes that several Kyrgyz bills are being used to crack down on fundamental freedoms in the country, with MEPs pointing to, among other things, Radio Azattyk being forced to close, Kaktus Media facing criminal investigation and investigative journalist Bolot Temirov being illegally expelled to Russia.

Parliament also urges the Kyrgyz authorities to release all those arbitrarily detained, to withdraw charges against journalists, media workers and human rights defenders, including Mr Temirov and Next TV director Taalaibek Duishenbiev as well as Gulnara Dzhurabayeva, Klara Sooronkulova, Rita Karasova and Asya Sasykbayeva, and to put an end to the pressure exerted on national media.

The text was approved by 391 votes in favour, 41 against with 30 abstentions.


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