Quality traineeships in the EU

Quality traineeships in the EU

EP Plenary session — Towards equal rights for persons with disabilities

Traineeships in the EU should ensure decent living standards by offering adequate remuneration and be more accessible, MEPs agreed on Monday.

With 36 votes in favour, 3 against and 4 abstentions, the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs adopted a resolution calling on the Commission to propose a directive on Quality Traineeships in the EU.

The directive should ensure minimum quality standards for trainees, including rules on the duration of traineeships, remuneration and access to social protection in accordance with national law and practices, MEPs say. This would cover a range of traineeships including the so-called open labour market traineeships and those that are a mandatory part of professional training.

In particular, MEPs want to ensure adequate remuneration for all traineeships, which should ensure a decent standard of living. Member states should set the level of remuneration to at least cover the cost of material necessities such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation as well as taking into account the cost of living.

MEPs also want the Commission to update the existing Quality Framework for Traineeships and turn it into a stronger legislative instrument.

Finally, they stress that high quality traineeships should be accessible to all, particularly to trainees with disabilities and to those from a vulnerable background.

Monica Semedo (Renew, LU), rapporteur, said: “I firmly stand for the interests and rights of young people in Europe. This legislative initiative is a decisive step towards ensuring that young people have access to paid traineeships that will provide them with the skills and learning experience needed to flourish in today’s competitive job market.

“The adoption of this initiative is proof of our commitment to empower young people and to foster equal opportunities to create an environment where the next EU generation can thrive and contribute to a better Europe.”

The resolution will be put to a Plenary vote.


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