Ukrainians raise flags and perform National Anthem outside Russia’s Mission to the EU

Every Monday morning, Ukrainians in Belgium meet outside Russia’s Mission to the EU to raise flags and sing the national anthem .

Organised by Brussels-based Promote Ukraine, the event attracts prolific sounding of horns and thumbs-up signs from passing motorists on on of Brussel’s busiest thoroughfares.

The key message of the demonstrations is that democracy, freedom, and justice must overcome the dictatorship. Ukraine must win the war against Russia to bring sustainable peace to Europe and the world. To achieve this, Promote Ukraine has outlined several demands that they believe are crucial to support Ukraine’s victory, ensure justice, cut financing of the war, and ensure peace after the victory.

Our demands are clear: we need military support from our allies to win the war, justice must be served by acknowledging Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and the Wagner group as a terrorist organisation, financing of the war must be cut by issuing decisive sanctions and developing counteraction to the sanction evasion by Russia, and only the accession of Ukraine to NATO and the EU can prevent the rehearsal of a Russian attack on Ukraine and establish the security architecture of the Euro-Atlantic region,” said Marta Barandiy, chairwoman and spokesperson for Promote Ukraine.


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