WWF Report: Hall of Shame, the EU’s worst policies for the climate

WWF Report: Hall of Shame, the EU’s worst policies for the climate

Ahead of the European Commission’s own assessment expected next week, WWF’s latest report puts the spotlight on those EU policies which are the most inconsistent with EU climate goals.

This ‘Hall of Shame’ includes, among others, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the failure to tax aviation fuel, the inclusion of gas and nuclear in the sustainable finance taxonomy and the free permits to pollute given to industry under the Emissions Trading System (ETS).

Under the EU Climate Law, the European Commission is required to assess, every five years, whether “Union measures” are consistent with reaching climate neutrality and, where inconsistencies are found, to “take the necessary measures in accordance with the Treaties”. The Commission is expected to publish its first assessment on Wednesday, as part of the State of the Energy Union.

In advance of that, and based on a number of stakeholder workshops, WWF has identified many EU policies in the power, industry, transport, and agriculture and land use sectors that are actively hindering climate action, or are in need of significant strengthening. In the report WWF goes into more depth on those policies, and highlights the ones which are the most counterproductive when it comes to reaching climate neutrality.

The full report is available here: https://wwfeu.awsassets.panda.org/downloads/policy-consistency—final-report.pdf

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