Britain’s betrayal of it’s allies

Britain’s betrayal of it’s allies

Several thousand Afghans who helped British forces before the withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 remain stranded and at risk from the Taliban. This is blamed on poor planning by the UK government.

It has now been reported that 2,000 Afghans – 700 of them children – have been offered sanctuary in Great Britain. However, they remain in hotels in countries, such as Pakistan, and at risk of retribution due to a lack of accommodation for them.

In September 2022 Voice of America reported it had been estimated that as many as 300 interpreters who had worked with U.S. forces had been killed in Afghanistan since 2021 while waiting for visas.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Home Office is keeping 5,000 unused hotel rooms as an ‘overspill’ for small boat migrants at a cost to taxpayers £5million a week.

This is nothing short of a betrayal.

Afghan interpreters worked under extreme danger alongside British troops.

Exactly what kind of a social engineering project are we looking at here?

Picture: Sergeant Rupert Frere, Crown Copyright/MOD 2010


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