EU-funded project is improving the quality of life for the elderly in Tirana

EU-funded project is improving the quality of life for the elderly in Tirana

A project named “Providing Home Care Services for the Elderly in Tirana” has been initiated in Tirana in partnership with the European Union, Tirana Municipality, and the Ryder Albania Association. The project aims to ensure a dignified life for elderly citizens in Albania’s largest municipality.

The project’s first phase, which began in April 2023, will provide personalized home support to 220 elderly people. The project will later expand to assist over 800 elderly persons. The elders were identified through various channels, such as administrative units, social centers, non-public organisations, public health institutions, and citizen referrals.

Hubert Perr, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation in Albania, present at the project presentation, emphasized the importance of the project, stating: “Providing opportunities and care to all citizens, even the most vulnerable, is one of the key values of the European Union. For this reason, the EU is very proud to finance this ambitious project that covers the essential topic of long-term care for the elderly.”

The project employs a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with local actors, civil society organizations, and relevant ministries to improve elder care. This approach is a model for interdisciplinary home care services for elderly citizens across Albania.

The 300,000 EUR grant for this project is part of the EU for Social Inclusion program. This EU-funded, five-year, 70 million EUR initiative supports the Albanian Government in expanding social protection, education, and employment services to groups at risk of poverty and social exclusion. These groups include at-risk youth, men and women, people with disabilities, and minorities. The programme aims to support 19 municipalities throughout Albania.


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