Art Expo: The Summer of Leo, Antwerp until October 1st

Art Expo: The Summer of Leo, Antwerp until October 1st

Happy, happier, Leo!! It is the first thing that comes to mind when confronted with the work of Leo Reinders. Outsider?
Well……. certainly not for insiders only! Colourful creatures inhabit a world that seems to have no limits whatsoever. Even gravity is suspended.

The world of Leo is definitely a non- Newtonian universe. There is absolutely no logic except that everything is possible. Psychedelic yet recognizable.

Style? Pigmy free jazz!
Fusion? Confusion!
Tribal? Extra planetary indigenous!
Naive? Unbound!
Age? Paleolithic sci-fi!
Cloudknitting. Leo calls himself ‘The Cloudknitter’ (Wolkenbreier) and there is no better description for his art
and activity: connecting impalpable things and let them floatover our heads in temporary constellations. .
And everybody can interpret them according to what they see in it.
Hybrid animals are omnipresent. They seem kind and take care of us.


When Leo uses words, they are essential to add layers of meaning instead of explanation.
When somebody says to Leo that he must have a lot of fantasy in order to create this sort of work he replies “Not at all: I just paint what I see! It is hyperrealism!”

Give me your glasses, bro! The world needs them!

Leo Reinders is a Flemish artist, author, radio show host and “self-confessed music freak!

His expo is running at space60, Klapdorp 60, 2000 Antwerpen, until October 1st.


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