Israeli Defence Forces report successes on the ground in Gaza

Israeli Defence Forces report successes on the ground in Gaza

As part of the expansion of the ground operations, Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) fighters eliminated dozens of terrorists who had barricaded themselves in buildings and had tried to attack the forces, the Israeli government has reported.

During one of the events, an aircraft attacked a conference building of the terrorist organisation Hamas with over 20 terrorists in it.

In addition, a fighter jet attacked the “Azhar” University in the Gaza Strip, after IDF soldiers identified armed terrorists in its territory, about to launch anti-tank missiles.

In total, about 600 Hamas targets were attacked in the last day.

Israeli Defence Forces forces are also working throughout Judea and Samaria in order to thwart Hamas terrorist infrastructures.

Soldiers of the patrol Haruv, Duchifat , Duvdevan, Yehalam and Magav under the command of the Kfir Brigade and under the direction of the Shin Bet last night conducted a brigade level operation to counter terrorism in the Jenin refugee camp.

During the operation, ready-to-use explosive charges were uncovered, buried under the roads in order to ambush the troops. The forces located an observation officer and eliminated him.

In addition, the forces destroyed a vehicle in which ammunition and military equipment were found, and arrested a suspect, whose vehicle was found with weapon parts.

Meanwhile, in Jenin, funerals have taken place for four members of the armed faction, Islamic Jihad, killed by the Israeli military overnight. One is also said to have been a founder of the Jenin Brigades, a local group of fighters.

Residents say an Israeli drone strike hit a house in the centre of Jenin refugee camp and that there were then heavy exchanges of fire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen.

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