Harfouch gets support from the French Foreign Affairs Committee to fight against injustice in Lebanon

Harfouch gets support from the French Foreign Affairs Committee to fight against injustice in Lebanon

In an extraordinary meeting organized by the “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism” (LICRA), and a member of the French Senate Nathalie Goulet, a number of prominent personalities met with the Leader of the Third Lebanese Republic initiative, Omar Harfouch, who announced his defiance of the controversial law that prohibits the accidental presence of any Lebanese with any Israeli citizenship even by accident .

David Olivier, President of LICRA ( the international ligues against racisme and antisemitism ), expressed his concerns about the economic situation in Lebanon, acknowledging that conditions are deteriorating. He welcomed Harfouch as a guest of honor at the meeting at the French Senat, acknowledging his courage and continuous efforts for reform in Lebanon.

For his part, Harfouch announced his categorical rejection of choosing people on the basis of their religion or origin and the need to cancel a Lebanese law that prohibits the presence of any Lebanese in the same place with any Jew, Israeli or pro-Israel even inadvertently, and he invited the Lebanese, especially the diaspora, to speak and influence their government. And advocates in their regions for the abolition of this law.

Frederic Dabi, director of the French Institute of Public Opinion, expressed his solidarity with Harfouch and the discrimination he faces. He said that the issue should be of concern to French public opinion, and that the struggle that Harfush is leading is a republican struggle that should concern everyone.

Hassan Chalghoumi, head of the Union of Imams in France, called for courage in supporting Harfouch’s cause, and expressed his full solidarity with him, hoping that Harfouch’s battle would contribute to the liberation of the entire Arab world.

French Senator Andre Reichart praised Harfouch and expressed his willingness to contribute to his fight, which he described as “a fight for all of us”.

Finally, French MP Bruno Fuchs, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, expressed his support for the rebellion against injustice, and called for the fight against racism in Lebanon and the entire Arab world.

He affirmed LICRA’s commitment to strengthening efforts in this field, calling for the implementation of what was identified during the meeting.

The meeting was an embodiment of global solidarity with Harfouch and the Lebanese people. Although the road ahead is long, the support they received during this meeting indicates hope for a more pluralistic and tolerant future in Lebanon.


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