The Myanmar military junta’s violent and illegitimate rule must end!

The Myanmar military junta’s violent and illegitimate rule must end!

MEPs strongly condemn the Myanmar military junta’s continued violent and illegitimate rule, which has plunged the country into a human rights and humanitarian crisis. They condemn the military-appointed Union Election Commission’s recent decision to dissolve forty political parties, the arrests and imprisonment of politicians, the use of rape as a weapon and the regular airstrikes on civilian targets by the military.

As a result of the latest developments, Parliament calls for the dissolved parties in Myanmar to be reinstated and urges the junta to immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners. MEPs call for the unlawful state of emergency in the country to end immediately, for the military’s indiscriminate use of force to stop, for the civilian government and parliament to be restored, and for a path towards democracy to be re-established.

In addition, the resolution calls on the EU and member states to substantially increase humanitarian aid to the people and refugees of Myanmar, including the Rohingya. MEPs also want the EU to introduce additional targeted sanctions against the Burmese military and its business interests. Any engagement with Myanmar, including by private companies, must be subject to strengthened human rights due diligence processes to protect and guarantee workers’ rights.

The resolution was adopted by 454 votes in favour, 5 against and 39 abstentions.


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