Alona Lebedieva, head of Ukraine’s AURUM Group talks to EU Today on

Alona Lebedieva, head of Ukraine’s AURUM Group talks to EU Today on

She is a graduate of the Kyiv Institute of International Relations, and holds a Master’s degree in international economics.

She is a strong advocate for change in both the political arena and in the workplace, where too often women are discriminated against.

Following a recent press conference at Brussels Press Club, Alona agreed to an interview with EU Today.

Concerning the “glass ceiling.” In both the private and public sectors of Ukraine, what is the ratio between men and women at boardroom level?

Historically, advances in Women’s Rights are made after a major conflict. For example, universal suffrage was achieved in Europe in two waves: the first after the First World War (UK, Germany, et al.) Then again after the Second World War (France, Belgium, et al.) What are your expectations for Ukraine, and particularly for Ukrainian women following the end of the war?

Generally speaking, is there equality in earnings for men and women in Ukraine?

Do you feel that following the end of the current conflict Ukrainian civil society is prepared to push for greater equality of status for women in the boardroom and also in the political arena?

Do you see a window of opportunity during Ukraine’s EU accession process to the EU to push for such legislation as may be required to achieve a level playing field?

How could the EU pressure Kyiv to bring employment practices up to EU standards?

Do the Ukrainian political elite realise that the EU is actually serious about addressing issues of corruption before the accession process can truly begin?

Do the Ukrainian political elite understand the institutional reforms that EU accession will require?

Do you yourself have any concerns about Ukraine’s aspirations to join the EU?


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