Sudan: MEPs call for peace and humanitarian support

Sudan: MEPs call for peace and humanitarian support

MEPs strongly condemn the continued fighting between the Sudanese military and the Rapid Support Force (RSF). They deplore the conflict’s numerous violations of international humanitarian law, including the disruption of humanitarian aid, the recruitment of children and the deliberate targeting of civilians. The EU and its member states should urgently consider sanctioning those responsible for ongoing human rights abuses in Sudan through the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime, MEPs say.

The resolution urges all sides to immediately cease the military hostilities that are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, and to negotiate a peace agreement. MEPs call on the EU and its member states to support efforts to ensure that a civilian-led government will be established through a series of democratic reforms after a peace agreement is reached.

Parliament urges the fighting parties in Sudan to allow for unrestricted access to humanitarian aid, and calls on all factions to help establish corridors for the provision of basic public services. The EU and its member states should also be prepared to offer any humanitarian assistance necessary to those affected by the conflict, including by issuing emergency travel documentation to those seeking refuge abroad.

The resolution was adopted with 477 votes in favour, 3 against and 43 abstentions. The full text will be available here (14.06.2023).


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