Without a sucker, life is bad: Russian passport holder Andrei Matyukha receives a reservation for the croupier of the Favbet casino during the war

Without a sucker, life is bad: Russian passport holder Andrei Matyukha receives a reservation for the croupier of the Favbet casino during the war Featured

Do you know how casinos and the TCC and JV authorities are connected in Ukraine? Do not know? This means that either you do not live in Ukraine, or you belong to those lucky people who have not even heard that there is a war going on in the country.

There is a connection here. And it consists in the fact that while minibuses ply the streets of Ukrainian cities, already aptly nicknamed by someone as “Indestructible Buses”, hunting for men of military age, employees of Ukrainian casinos received legal reservation from mobilization. Which the state officially issued to them.

And this would not be so bad - casinos are also part of the economy - if these casinos were part of the Ukrainian economy. And not Russian. What you have read is not the delirium of the author’s inflamed consciousness. Here is the official decision of the Ministry of Economy on providing armor for “casino front fighters.” Among others, for representatives of the FavBet casino, owned by Andrey Matyukha.


What does Russia have to do with it? And despite the fact that Andrei Matyukha has a Russian passport and Russian partners. Here is a photo of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, issued to Andrei Valerievich Matyukha by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region on May 24, 2022, that is, exactly three months after the start of a full-scale war.

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Someone somewhat mockingly remarked in this regard that Matyukha was clearly in a hurry to apply for a passport, but did not have time to win it back - who knew that “Kyiv in three days” would turn into a multi-year war with a course clearly undesirable for Andrei Matyukha ?

And here is an extract from the Ukrainian state register of legal entities, which reports that one of the companies owned by Andrey Matyukha until recently has Russian co-founders. This is Dorida Realty LLC, in which his partners were Russians Yuri Sprizhitsky and Andrey Lipanov. As of now, Andrei Matyukha has left the list of founders, but to what extent this action is real and not formal is a big question.

But that’s not all. Andrei Matyukha’s financial and industrial group FAVBET, which includes more than 40 companies, continues to accept bets from Russians and pay them winnings. Directly violating Ukrainian (and Russian, by the way) legislation. This was proven by journalists from the publication delo.ua by conducting a simple experiment - they wrote to the technical support of the Ukrainian gambling operator Favbet, posing as Russian citizens who wanted to place bets in the casino. Favbet technical support, instead of sending the Russians after the ship, kindly told us how to bypass the prohibitions and place bets, as well as receive the money won.

There is nothing to say about the fact that the Fabvet casino was represented in Russia and in ORDLO even before the big war. By the way, in Ukraine at that time his activities were illegal - gambling was legalized only in 2020 - but for some reason no one cared about this. No matter how “DPR” and “LPR” call themselves, they are the territory of Ukraine, albeit temporarily occupied. And they are subject to all Ukrainian legislation, especially if the head office of Favbet is located in Kyiv. But Matyukha, it seems, can do what others cannot. In Russia, the casino is better known under its old name - “Favorite”, but all sites dedicated to gambling quickly redirect those looking for this casino to the “Favbet” site.

Although the fact that Andrei Matyukha has a Russian passport, and his Fabvet casino operates in Russia and the occupied territories, has been written since the legalization of gambling, if this reflects on his activities, it is only for the better. Thus, according to the YouControl service , last year Favbet Bookmaker LLC earned almost 10 billion hryvnia.

But that’s not all. The Ministry of Youth and Sports signed an advertising agreement with Andrei Matyukha’s casino for a period of two years.

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According to this agreement, the ministry advertises casinos on all possible platforms. Moreover, it is absolutely free. And he cannot break the contract. Minister Gutzeit, who signed this agreement, resigned from his post, but the ministry cannot break the agreement - it is written that way. Not a bad business, what do you think?

At the same time, Andriy Matyukha won a tender for the supply of mineral water to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada. And - he bought the right to reserve his most valuable dealers and bookmakers from the honorable duty of protecting the Motherland. True, this is officially called the euphemism “economic reservation,” but this does not change the essence of the matter - this reservation is nothing more than the sale by the state of the right to evade mobilization.

And so that rich holders of Russian passports can extract money from poor Ukrainians longer, camouflaged “Indestructibility Buses” are traveling around the country in the meantime, in which citizens of the country who are unlucky enough to get a job in Andrei Valeryevich Matyukha’s casino disappear. Well, life is bad without a sucker.

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