Romanian government appeals against ECHR rule concerning same-sex families

Romanian government appeals against ECHR rule concerning same-sex families

In 2023, the European Human Rights Court ruled that Romania violated the rights of 21 same-sex couples by not recognising and protecting their relationships. The Court ruled that Romania has a duty to provide protection but can determine the level and form.

On Monday, the Accept Association reported that the Romanian government has appealed against the ruling made by the ECHR. The verdict requires Romania to establish a legal framework for recognising same-sex families. The Foreign Ministry confirmed that Romania has appealed to the Strasbourg court’s Grand Chamber but did not provide any reasons for the appeal. Despite the government’s prior arguments, dismissed in the May 23 ruling, the government has not disclosed why it is appealing the decision. Some of the views previously presented by the government include the claim that recognising same-sex families would negatively impact the heterosexual majority and that private contractual arrangements could serve as an alternative to the legal recognition of same-sex families.

Founded in 1996 and based in Bucharest, the Accept Association is a non-governmental organization that advocates for the rights of LGBT people in Romania. Accept also acts as the Romanian representative at ILGA-Europe.


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