Luton Town F.C.’s Rob Edwards: “I’m so proud”

In an attempt to sum up his feelings up with BBC Three Counties Radio after the match, Edwards said: “It’s incredible, it hasn’t sunk in yet, it just hasn’t but I’m so proud to be part of this club. The players, the staff, the board, the supporters, they deserve it. They have been through a lot but I’m so, so proud.”

His immediate focus after the match turned towards captain Tom Lockyer, who had been forced off the field in the first half after collapsing, but he was relieved to find out the defender is doing well and watched on from his hospital bed.

“First and foremost, we lost our captain after 10 minutes, I’ve just seen a tweet that his dad put out that said he’s okay. All I’ve been thinking about since the final whistle was that and for his health which is more important.

“It was emotional, we played really well in the first half, we lost Tom but we recovered really well after that, showed a lot of emotion, strength and character after that. I thought the performance in the first half was excellent, they obviously had the first 20, 25 minutes of the second half and got the goal.”

He also revealed the in-depth thinking behind the penalty shoot-out the Hatters subsequently found themselves involved in, and preparation was anything but just asking players to step up and shoot towards goal.

“There is a lot more around it, a lot more to it than just the taking of the penalties. It was the order, taking up the positioning in the centre-circle, where we stood, where the staff were, there was a lot of organisation to it that people might not pick up but it feels important.

“There is a lot of research that has gone into it and we’ve spoken to so many people involved in international shoot-outs, or other play-off shoot-outs, I had to find the best way for us to do it and it was really tight, the penalties were very well executed.”

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