European Hydrogen Week 2023: hydrogen in the energy transition

European Hydrogen Week 2023: hydrogen in the energy transition

Brussels: European Hydrogen Week 2023 will, over five days, highlight the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

It is becoming increasingly clear that hydrogen technologies will play a vital part in achieving these goals.



European Hydrogen Week 2023 has been a collaboration between Hydrogen Europe, the European Commission, and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

The focus is to facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, and exploration of new advancements in the hydrogen sector.

Katherine Chamberlain, Senior Manager New Project Development, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) introduced me to a stunning looking vehicle, the first prototype of the Fuel Cell Hilux.

The engine itself looked like nothing I had ever seen before – this is a whole new era in automotive technology – indeed the only component I could actually identify correctly was the water tank for the windscreen washer!

Whilst public attention is focussed on electric/hybrid vehicles the hydrogen revolution has been quietly building in the background.

Geoffroy De Roffignac, Sales and Marketing Director of Atawey, a French manufacturer and distributor of green hydrogen refuelling stations, informed me that his country currently has 70 hydrogen refuelling stations operational, of which 25 were installed by his company.

  • The French government has set the ambitious target of 1,000 such stations by 2030.
  • Compound annual growth rate in the sector is expected to reach 49.8% by that point.
  • Toyota Motor is pushing to sell 200,000 hydrogen powered vehicles in Europe and China by 2030, executives said in July of this year.

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