EU foreign ministers express their worries about Africa’s increasing number of military coups

EU foreign ministers express their worries about Africa’s increasing number of military coups

On Wednesday, Gabon became the eighth country in Central or West Africa to suffer a military coup in the past three years due to a lack of economic opportunity, political freedom, and rampant corruption.

On Thursday, European Union foreign ministers expressed their worries about Africa’s increasing number of military coups. They are currently creating sanctions to address the junta in Niger, which recently overthrew a democratically elected government. According to High Representative/Vice President Josep Borrell, the EU is preparing a list of measures, such as asset freezes and travel bans, for individuals involved in the coup, consistent with sanctions that ECOWAS is considering.

In addition, the EU ministers are considering examining the training of African armies due to another coup happening on the continent.

Military training has been primarily concentrated in the unpredictable Sahel area to counteract extremism, especially militant groups associated with al-Qaida, the Islamic State and Boko Haram.

The EU ministers question whether training and supporting armies in Africa that might turn against their governments is the right policy.

“It’s clear that things haven’t gone well given the proliferation of military coups,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said,

Numerous Europeans are concerned that the instability in Africa will increase the number of refugees and migrants in the EU countries.

Many European countries, including France, heavily relying on Niger’s uranium, have significant economic interests in Africa. The increasing influence of Russia through the Wagner mercenary group and China’s role in the continent demand that the EU reassess its policies.

Several ministers believe Africa should lead in addressing its difficulties. Borrell emphasized the importance of considering ECOWAS’s input to demonstrate commitment to finding resolutions through African institutions.

However, the situation in Niger is getting worse as troops from Mali and Burkina Faso have joined the military junta. Other West African nations threatened to use force to reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum. The junta is using the population’s discontent towards France to enlist the help of Wagner mercenaries. France has 2,500 troops in Niger and Chad for military training and 400 in Gabon.


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