Gal Luft fights charges of arms dealing, fears he has no chance of a fair trial in the U.S.

Gal Luft fights charges of arms dealing, fears he has no chance of a fair trial in the U.S.

Luft was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), who was arrested in Cyprus, while boarding a flight to Israel, on allegations of arms-dealing, and who subsequently accused the United States of instigating a political persecution in a post on Twitter

“I was arrested in Cyprus on a politically motivated US extradition request. They claimed me to be an arms dealer, which is both ridiculous and tragic for me. I’ve never been an arms dealer. The Justice Department is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim and Hunter Biden. Should I name the names?” He said.

Soon afterwards, The New York Post published an article telling Luft’s story.

Having been arrested on April 17th, two days later he was released on bail of 400,000 euros and subsequently disappeared, failing to appear at the central police station of Paphos, where he lived at the time, as required. His car was found abandoned on the island.

Luft, often referred to as the “missing” witness in the House Oversight Committee’s Biden family corruption investigation, has told The Post he is alive and living as a fugitive in an undisclosed location.

According to the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, of which Luft is co-director, one of his fellow directors is former CIA chief Robert James Woolsey. One might therefore assume that Luft is fully integrated with the elite of the US Intelligence.

Luft is also on the editorial board of the Energy Security Journal: his biographical notes reveal him to be the author of several books on the topic. He has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The American Interest, Commentary Magazine, Middle East Quarterly, LA Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. And hе was also a senior advisor to the US Energy Security Council.

So what really happened?

The story as it actually happened is that Luft, a Israeli top Energy expert, Institute for Analysis of Global Security director, а former Colonel of the IDF, told the Post that he fled from Cyprus and is hiding from a criminal case in the United States in an unknown place, since he believes that he was a victim of political persecution, and he has no chance of a fair trial in the United States.

Earlier, he was arrested in Cyprus and was awaiting extradition to the United States. Не is accused by the United States of intending to sell Chinese weapons in the UAE, Kenya, Libya, as well as violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act and making false statements.

Luft denies all allegations and says that he was simply asked about presence and price of some goods with which he was familiar, and that there were no further actions, which he suggests, means that this can be regarded as an accusation of a “thought” crime, and that the real reason for the criminal case is an attempt to protect the Biden family by imprisoning him and discrediting him as a witness.

The fact is that he claims that back in 2019 he testified in neutral territory in Brussels to two assistant US attorneys, as well as four FBI agents in the bribery and money laundering case of Patrick Ho. Then he spoke about payments of the Chinese CEFC to the Biden family through the mediation of one Rob Walker.

Luft claims Ho told him about James and Hunter Biden’s visit to Hong Kong in the Autumn of 2017.

It is all more suspicious that during Ho’s trial, according to Luft, all references to the Bidens were removed from e-mails between Ho himself and Vuk Eremich prosecutors.

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