Poland–UK Quadriga format consultations

Poland–UK Quadriga format consultations

On 4–5 July 2023, Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau and Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak will meet in London with their UK counterparts, James Cleverly and Ben Wallace respectively, to hold Poland–UK consultations in the Quadriga format.

The London meeting will take place a few days before the NATO Summit in Vilnius. It will thus provide an opportunity to discuss the most important issues on the summit’s agenda and to talk about bilateral cooperation in the broad security and defence policy. Key topics under discussion will include security policy in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine and Russia’s aggressive actions as well as providing further support for Ukraine.

The Quadriga consultations include a joint debate by the four ministers during a plenary session, preceded by bilateral meetings held by the heads of individual ministries. This formula of bilateral contacts has become a permanent part of allied relations between Poland and the UK. The previous edition of the consultations took place in 2018 in Helenów near Warsaw.


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