NATO: Think like the “bad guys”, Exercise Saber Junction 22

NATO: Think like the “bad guys”, Exercise Saber Junction 22

At the US Army’s Hohenfels Training Area in southern Germany, the bad guys are One-Four – First Battalion, Fourth Infantry Regiment. Based in Europe, their full-time job is making sure NATO Allies get a bracingly realistic training experience. Far more than walking targets, One-Four’s soldiers simulate everything from conventional warfare to hybrid tactics, working day and night to keep the training audience on their toes.

They make sure that NATO’s forces walk out of Hohenfels sharper and better prepared than when they walked in. NATO video producers joined One-Four during Exercise Saber Junction 22.

They signed on with the unit’s infamous Scout Platoon, which is often tasked with probing Allied defences under the cover of darkness. Over the course of 24 hours, they found out exactly what it takes to fill this demanding – and for Allied forces, crucially important – role: creativity, stamina and a good sense of humour. The exercise Saber Junction 22, involved more than 4,400 participants from Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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