The Bombshell behind Political Comedy, by Chris White

The Bombshell behind Political Comedy, by Chris White

The situation in France then overshadowed the Boris Johnson fiasco. Comparing pension status in France with Germany, other countries in Europe and the UK one cannot help but view the events and the cause of which Macron is being castigated as a seriously black comedy.

But the EU has entered the big top in ways that are quite alarming. Right wing parties are aligning with the centre right across the Continent. We shall see consequences when the next general election is held in Spain for example.

Renew Europe leaders meet ahead of the European Council meeting

He went on to suggest that alliance between the centre right and the far right would make the EU ungovernable. If that is the case then anyone in the UK in favour of rejoining might do well to conduct some extensive research. They might also do well to study the extensive differences in support for Ukraine in the EU.

That the UN appears to have joined the rest of the clowns in turning the world into a giant big-top that the general public can only watch in disbelief is perhaps one of the final nails in the coffin of democracy. As Ernest commented the clowns are getting everything wrong and the circus is far from funny.


EU Today’s Chris White reports from Lviv on his humanitarian aid mission


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