Embracing Unity: EU and Türkiye Forge a Path to Sustainable Energy

Embracing Unity: EU and Türkiye Forge a Path to Sustainable Energy

Brussels, October 25, 2023 The chambers of the European Parliament reverberated with purpose as the Turkish Wind Energy Association orchestrated a pivotal event on October 25th.

Under the banner of “Addressing Supply Chain Challenges and Exploring Wind Energy Solutions for the EU,” this summit became a crucible for cooperative strategies, a hub where the European Union and Türkiye converged in the pursuit of sustainable energy alternatives.

Commissioner Kadri Simson set the tone by lauding the EU’s advances in wind energy—16 GW incorporated in 2022 alone, marking a resounding 47% surge.

The focal points were illuminated: simplified permitting procedures, environmental sustainability, and international cooperation, especially with Türkiye, acknowledged for its pivotal role in augmenting the sector’s competitiveness.

Addressing Supply Chain Challenges and Exploring Wind Energy Solutions for the EU

In an impassioned discourse, Fatih Birol, Executive Director at the International Energy Agency (IEA), disentangled the intricate challenges facing Europe. His plea for an industrial revival, grounded in diversification, resonated throughout the Parliament.

Birol underscored the imperativeness of robust grids, championing their prioritisation to fortify wind energy effectively.

He implored Europe to craft a narrative of ingenuity and dedication to eco-friendly practices, sketching out a roadmap for a fresh industrial era of clean energy.

Ryszard Czarnecki, Member of the European Parliament, delivered a compelling address, emphasizing the pivotal role of unity among EU states.

He underscored the significance of the EU’s energy transformation, not merely as a policy but as a tangible boon to the citizens of Poland and Türkiye.

His words reverberated with the essence of shared responsibility and accentuated the urgency of concerted efforts to surmount energy security concerns and geopolitical tensions.

Ibrahim Erden, Chairman of the Turkish Wind Energy Association, posed poignant queries about energy crises and inflation, underscoring the urgency of addressing supply chain challenges.

His vision underscored the vitality of collaboration, presenting a triple-win scenario if the EU and Türkiye pooled their strengths. Erden’s call resonated profoundly—a poignant reminder of the collective duty to navigate these challenges.

The event witnessed a diverse assembly: Ambassadors, Members of the European Parliament, EU officials, and representatives from research centers and media organizations. This varied representation underscored the global community’s urgency and collaborative zeal in surmounting the supply chain challenges in the wind energy sector.

This summit transcended mere event status—it encapsulated a covenant. A covenant of collaboration, ingenuity, and tenacity. As the EU and Türkiye joined forces, it illuminated a beacon of hope for a sustainable energy future, fortified by international collaboration and strategic foresight.

A future where supply chains are resilient, innovations are revolutionary, and the world collectively propels towards a greener, more sustainable energy terrain.

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