Earth Day 2023: Reused Laptops for People Experiencing Homelessness

Earth Day 2023: Reused Laptops for People Experiencing Homelessness

This EarthDay2023 Re-used laptops handover is part of SocialBox.Biz’s ongoing and log-standing commitment to providing technology and digital inclusion solutions to people in need. The initiative is designed to provide laptops to people who have experienced homelessness, refugees and other disadvantaged people allowing them to access the internet, stay connected with family and friends, and gain access to educational and employment opportunities.

The laptops are collected from companies and organisations by SocialBox.Biz, are then wiped clean, upgraded with open source innovation and the best suitable ones then redistributed to people in need.

The team at SocialBox.Biz arrange collections for a wide variety of tech for donation, including Apple Macs, iBooks, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products that might be outdated but still in working condition. While many are aware that the SocialBox.Biz campaign accepts old laptops, the company wants to clarify that they do indeed accept Apple products just as well as any other.

The beauty of the SocialBox.Biz campaign is how well it benefits all involved parties. For instance, universities, and councils can more easily meet their social obligations towards communities solving CSR and Social Impact goals by partnering with this very special initiative.

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