NATO: US Marines and Finnish Navy hone logistics skills

NATO: US Marines and Finnish Navy hone logistics skills

Logistics is the art of moving supplies and people to where they need to be. Without logistics, armies wouldn’t have fuel for trucks, parts to repair them, or soldiers to drive them.

It’s a military fundamental, and that’s why NATO forces regularly practise this crucial discipline with their Allies and partners.

Recently, the US Marine Corps teamed up with the Finnish Navy to practise this crucial discipline – but with a twist. The icy, island-studded waters of the Finnish archipelago are uniquely challenging to supply lines. Working with the Finnish troops, the US Marines learned how to move supplies using helicopters, transport aircraft and small, stealthy boats, as well as the burly transport trucks they brought from the United States in cold weather conditions.

The US Marines deployed to Finland for three months last fall – the longest stint the US military’s amphibious branch has spent in Finland to date. It signals a deepening relationship with Finland, a long-time NATO partner that applied for membership of the Alliance in 2022, together with Sweden. Deployments like this help Finland to continue familiarising itself with Allied tactics and techniques as the country prepares to join the Alliance as a full member.


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